Believe It Or Not Change Can Be Good!!😳😄

Yes, I said it, “Change can be good.” I have always thought that change was a horrible thing. But recently I have come to the realization that change can be good. 

This week one of my younger sisters is going to a Bible college in Tennessee. While I am very happy that she’s going, it will be different without her at home. She always makes me laugh, and that’s one thing I’ll miss about her. Then, my other younger sister is going to be graduating from high school in 2016!! Which makes me feel old! LOL! She’s planning on going to Bible college in Oklahoma City. 

As for me and my life, I am in the process of having 6 new card collections made. Hopefully they’ll be ready in October! The collections include Christmas cards, 2 sets of bird collections, aspen tree collection, encouraging words cards, and cards for men. They will all have a KJV Bible verse inside each card that I thought would go along with each card. If the Lord allows I plan to keep on painting and having art shows. 

Looking into the future can be fun but at the same time it can be scary. That’s why we must depend upon the Lord daily! 

2 thoughts on “Believe It Or Not Change Can Be Good!!😳😄

  1. Gma Davison says:

    Your last 2 blogs have been really good. Not that the others haven’t been. It seems like your writing is getting better as well as the way you’re expressing yourself. Keep blogging!!! It’s such an encouragement. Love u💖

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