Going through trials in marriage with God

This week I got to watch a old classic Billy Graham crusade. It was the one where Joni Eareckson Tade and Ken Tada spoke about how they fell in love. Here’s the clip of it. tp://youtu.be/p8srspUp5uM
On top of being a quadriplegic Joni has chronic pain. Then in June 2010, Joni found out that she had stage 3 breast Cancer. To make a long story short Joni found out she was cancer free in 2012!!
Now Joni and Ken are writing a book called “Joni and Ken; A Untold Love Story.” Click here to see a sneak peek. http://www.joniandfriends.org/blog/untold-love-story/

Joni is my hero. Although I have never met her, she has encouraged me in so many different ways I can’t say enough things about Joni and Ken too. I mean in today’s culture divorce is so prevalent. It happens every day. I know it’s by God’s. grace that they have stayed together through thick and thin.


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