As I Reflect Back on the Years…

It’s amazing how God can use a moment in my life, to let me stop and reflect on what He has done in my life. In less then two weeks it will be Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is a day we honor the men and women in the Army who have died for America. But in my life May 27, 1996 was at the time a day of “questioning God”. For on that day my families and my life turned upside down. When God decided to place a tick that had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever on my body, at the age of three. Which caused brain damage in the speech area and fine motor skills. Which now causes me not to speak, go through times when I’m so tight my eyes will have spasms also my neck and back get tight. I also can only use my left arm and hand to do things. My right hand can’t do anything. But when I’m loose my beautiful tongue sticks out for the whole world to see. By the way did I mention the disease God chose to give me is called Dystonia. I have Secondary Dystonia which Is a muscle disorder. I look at Dystonia as a blessing from God, I’m not kidding I honestly do. Because I have relearned how to walk and mainly do almost anything by myself. But when I read about my hero, Joni Eareckson Tada and see she can’t do anything by herself but talk, and she still loves The Lord. I think to myself, Praise The Lord I can get up everyday and get dressed, even though it might be a little bit hard at times. I believe God gives us trials He knows we can handle by His grace. It has been a long 17 years with Dystonia and I wouldn’t change it. Because God has been there every step of the way and He alway will be. Yes, I have bad days but guess what He’s right there beside me. Is there a moment in your life where you can stop and reflect about how God has blessed you? If I had a song that describes my life it is All Along Your Hand Has Been Guiding Me. Hope it’s a blessing to you.

10 thoughts on “As I Reflect Back on the Years…

  1. Terri Keeley says:

    Thank you Abigail for your inspiring post. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday. Keep writing! You help me and many other when you do. God’s little messenger! xoxo


  2. Carol says:

    What an inspiration to read your testimony about God’s being with you all the time and knowing that you can consider your Dystonia to be a blessing from God! It’s wonderful to have this medium to communicate and help us understand what you think about and how it affects you.


  3. Sindy says:

    Praise the Lord, Abigail! I’m so thankful for how the Lord is working in you and through you! I remember well those first few years after your illness. It was quite an adjustment for all you family.However, you are right, “All along, God’s Hand has been guiding me!” God is so Good! I love you!


  4. Sheri Martinez says:

    Abby, it was so good to see you at the meeting last week. You always have a sweet spirit. You and your family are very special to me. It’s been a blessing to see you grow in The Lord. I pray for you often. May the Lord’s grace sustain you and guide you. Love you. Miss Sheri


  5. Gina says:

    Abigail, your perspective on life amazes me! I know it truly comes from your relationship with The Lord, what an encouragement you are to so many! So thankful God allowed me to meet you and your family.


  6. beavoicefororphans says:

    Abbey, you have such a strong and wonderful testimony because you praise GOD for it all and live with faith continually… I’ve been enjoying reading through you’re blog. You are so special, valuable, and a treasure…


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