He’s Mine and I’m His!!

What a thought it is to say that, “He. God is mine and I am His.” This song is right we can’t describe everything that God means to us. He’s the light in my darkest days, Comforter and Friend. I’m so thankful I can call upon His name and He’ll always be there with His Grace and Love. I hope this song called He Is To Me, is a blessing to you.

Verse 1
Lion of Juda, sweet Rose of Sharon, fairest of ten thousand angels of days, Alpha, Omega, the King of all glory, Bright Morning Star and the God of my praise, who can describe everything that He is? All I can say He’s mine and I’m His!
Cause the one who walks on the wings of the wind walks beside me, and the one who is holding the world in His hands holds my heart, He spoke and the world was created in space yet He was willing to die in my place, Redeemer, Deliverer, the Ransom that set my soul free. Hallelujah, what a Savior He is to me!
Verse 2
He’s the strength in my weakness, joy in my sorrow, peace like a river that flows through my life, new morning mercies and hope for the journey and love that will conquer the struggles and strife, who can describe everything that He is? All I can say He’s mine and I’m His!
(I can’t describe everything that He is to me, All I can say He’s mine and I’m His) Chorus

4 thoughts on “He’s Mine and I’m His!!

  1. Jerry says:

    Hey I’ve looking for this song for the longest. Do u know who sings it and what is the title, I only heard it on the radio once


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