Be of Good Cheer

This morning while I was working on packaging my cards, I was listening to the best top 25 Triumphant Quaret songs. The first song that is on the playlist is called, “Be of Good Cheer!” It’s a fun and exciting song! I love the second verse. Hope it will brighten up your day like it did mine!

Be of Good Cheer 


Be of good cheer my bother, be of good cheer

Be of good cheer my sister Jesus is here
He is the way the truth and the life
We are overcomers thru the power of Christ
What shall we dread Whom shall we fear
Be of good cheer

V. 1
Poor little boy crippled from birth
What could he do what was he worth
Some of his neighbors passed by and said
Why he might as well be dead
But someone said Jesus is passing by
Thy sins be forgiven the master cried
Rise up and walk away from here Be of good cheer

V. 2
Rough circumstances may you plight 
:Your ready to quit your tired of the fight
you may be faces your darkest trial
you think you cant walk another mile
But I have good news your not alone
The Father is with you, you are His own
He’ll pick you up He’ll dry your tears
Be of good cheer

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