Answered Prayers 

The past couple of weeks I have been a little tighter than usual. But it would come and go. If I wasn’t tight, my tongue would stick out, and if it wasn’t those two things, I’m making a jerking noise every 5 minutes. It’s a wonderful life!!! For those who don’t understand what tight means, pretend you’re in a straight jacket and your trying with all your might to get out. That’s what being tight feels like. Now thankfully I’m not tight every day. Also when I sleep I’m not tight. 

Last week I went to a college conference in Missouri with my college class. As I was packing the day before, I was thinking, “Hopefully I won’t have any tightness—no jerking noises or tongue sticking out for the whole world to see.” I prayed that to the Lord for the next few days. Guess what! It was like I never had dystonia. It was amazing how relaxed I was. I’m so thankful God answers prayers. 

Had a blast at Silver Dollar City and heard thought-provoking messages and made decisions. I love coming back from conferences and being refreshed and having a revived heart. Then I get home and reality sets in—back to the dishes and work. Life goes on. But if I truly made decisions to get back on track reading my Bible and having patience with those around me, life cannot and must not go back to the same routine. I have to change my lifestyle to better honor my parents and the Lord. It’s not easy but that’s why we need to depend on the Lord daily. 

3 thoughts on “Answered Prayers 

  1. Kris Gamble says:

    Abby it wonderful to see you at our conference again this year. I also loved looking at your paintings. You’re right. God is so good. This post was an encouragement.

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