The Lost Art

Handwriting—and writing, period—has always been a challenge for me, like every other thing in my life. Today, as I went through my scrapbooks and journals, it just amazed me how I have improved. I don’t hold a pen normal like everyone else or write using my wrist. I write with my arm. 

I love texting and emailing but there’s something special about getting a handwritten letter from someone in the mail. When I write notes to people, depending on the content, it usually takes 45 minutes to a hour to write what I want to say because I want it to be legible. 

I was a teenager when I started noticing that my handwriting wasn’t like everyone else’s. So I started practicing writing at night before bedtime. I wrote Bible verses and prayers. I’m so glad I started this routine because I still do it today. I love to look back and see how the Lord has answered my prayers. The Lord is so faithful. 

Everyone is so busy today, it seem—too busy to stop and take time to jot a quick, “thinking of you” note. Hey, I’m guilty of it, too, and I sell note cards for a living! I understand that it’s inconvenient and it’s easier to text or call. But maybe you need to practice being kind or being patient. Don’t you love practicing patience? It’s not my favorite thing to practice but I do it many times. 

What do you need to practice in your life?

2 thoughts on “The Lost Art

  1. Suzie Ohsfeldt says:

    Thanks for the reminder!! It’s true that texts are so much easier to send, but you’re right…there’s something about a handwritten note or letter. It’s very unique and personal, because of the handwriting. Thanks also for sharing pictures of how your handwriting has progressed. The topics you share in your blog are so thought-provoking. Love you sweet Abbey!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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