From My Parents’ Perspective 

The past couple of months I’ve been reading in my mom’s journal she wrote in when I got sick. As I read through the journal I saw things from my parents’ perspective. My dad and mom struggled, cried countless times and didn’t understand why this illness happened to their little girl. Although it was hard, they trusted in the Lord and had faith like many people in the Bible did—faith that the Lord had a plan and a purpose, even when things didn’t make sense. My parents could only see their little girl who was helpless and watch me face challenges day after day. My life not only changed on May 31, 1996, but it also affected my entire family’s life. At the age of 26, my parents took on the challenge to raise a handicapped girl with the Lord’s help.  Plus my mom was pregnant with my younger sister Anna. My parents lived one day at a time. They did their best to prepare me to live independently, for which I am thankful. It took years of loving discipline and training and countless prayers to get me where I am today. 

My parents didn’t know one day I’d be ask to speak at camp meetings sharing my testimony or have a blog or have a notecard business. 

Here’s a glimpse of what was going on twenty-one years ago. My mom wrote in her journal:

“October 6, 1996

“Abbey started standing up by herself this week. By this – I mean she doesn’t pull herself up to something – she stands up from the middle of the floor on her own! It is a little awkward but she does it and she’s very happy. Thursday she began potty training. She woke up from her nap crying – I couldn’t figure out what was wrong! Finally I did and took her to the restroom and she went poop! She’s done fairly well. She really wants to wear panties. She had 2 very good eating days on Wednesday and Thursday. But Friday and Saturday it’s not been as good. Oh well! 

I find myself very angry at times at what this illness has done to our precious girl. I have to ask the Lord to forgive me and trust Him! I don’t want to become bitter. My heart aches so much.”

I sob every time I read this entry because it reminds me how my parents have helped me not to become bitter with Dystonia. They have pointed me to the One who knows what I’m going through. Time after time. the Lord has given me the comfort and strength I need. Yes, at times I still wonder why the Lord allowed Dystonia into my life with all the challenges it brings. But, as I look back at the past 21 years of my life, I can say the Lord has blessed me beyond what I could have ever dreamed. 

 I also wanted to share this song called, Hidden Heroes. I found this song back in May and I felt like it described my parents. My dad and mom will always be my heroes.  My favorite part of the song is that first verse and the chorus. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know my parents. 

8 thoughts on “From My Parents’ Perspective 

  1. Janet metcalf says:

    Dear Abigail thank you for sharing. Your parents are strong in their faith. The Holy Spirit has filled them strength courage and love. You and your family are a blessing to many❤️ In Christ, Janet


  2. Linda Howard says:

    Hello Abigail Brown … I have known your parents for a long time; in fact I knew your mom when she was just a little girl. Your story can fill so many with hope. Prayers for you and your family. May you continue to follow the Lord daily and always trust in Him … Linda Howard

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  3. Nancy Simpsons says:

    Remember your song “My Dad is the Coolest Dad in the whole wide world”. The whole class helped you sing it for him. You do have wonderful parents (and sisters too).

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  4. Suzie Ohsfeldt says:

    What a precious testimony!! 😭😍
    Thanks for sharing it. I had never heard that song before, but how fitting. Your parents are pretty incredible and by the grace of God they’ve raised a pretty incredible young woman (or4).😆

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  5. beavoicefororphans says:

    Glad your parents have prayed for GOD’s help and support in raising you!!… I think they have done a phenomenal job for you’re such a blessing and inspiration…

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