Staying Grateful While Seasons Change

Every day I wake up and see this gold-sequined sign that one of my friends gave me. The sign says, “Stay grateful” in cute lettering. I have it on my dresser amongst a lamp, jewelry box, picture frames, a clock that needs batteries, other smaller signs and a pink box that has cards people have given me over the years. It’s somewhat organized to say the least. But, every morning when I wake up I glance at the stay-grateful sign and sometimes think, “Why must I be grateful today? I’m probably going to be tighter because a cold front is coming through.” But I can get out of bed by myself and make coffee and stay home by myself while my parents are at work. I’m thankful that I’m able to do all these tasks. But it can also be frustrating when the weather gets colder and I have to wear more layers to stay warm.

I personally hate putting on leggings with limited hand function. I basically use my left three fingers; sometimes it’s just two fingers depending on the day. I haven’t put on any leggings this season yet, but I probably will soon. Yippee, I can’t wait for the fifteen-minute workout.

Did I mention it’s also a joy to put on long-sleeve shirts and sweaters, especially when my right hand is tight? It’s such a blessing! While it may take longer to get dressed during fall and winter, I keep reminding myself to be thankful I have warm clothes I can wear, because some people don’t have warm clothes.

I know it can be easy for some to get depressed during the holidays. I know I have been there several times. I think, “Another year is about to end and I’m still single and not living on my own yet.” Instead, I should be grateful that I can still live with my parents and have my own space. Plus I get to spend time with the family members I only see around holidays and catch up.

So what do you need to be grateful for during this month? Your salvation? Your parents? Your siblings? Your sons and daughters? Your wife or husband? Your grandparents? Your job? Your health? Your church? Yes, even the country we live in—are we thankful for that? I know I am! The list of things we are thankful for could go on for miles. Let’s strive to stay grateful during the rest of the year.

3 thoughts on “Staying Grateful While Seasons Change

  1. Crystal lawrez says:

    I am thankful for you Abby and your transparency and willingness to work on yourself instead of staying in the pit. I am also thankful for fleece leggings! And warm fuzzy boots!

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