An Unexpected Blessing From A Complete Stranger

As several of you have noticed, I haven’t been writing on my blog lately. I just didn’t have peace about writing about the COVID-19 crisis and how it didn’t change my life drastically like it has others, until today.

But before I write about that, I want to thank the people in my life who have continued to encourage me to write. I want to especially thank this person who is a special needs teacher and started following my blog in April. His name is Jeff Watts. Jeff has never met me and I’ve never met him. Yet he took time to read each blog post I’ve written and commented 40 times and liked 151 of my blog posts. It was such an unexpected blessing and encouragement I needed. During that week or two, I would open my email and each time I’d get a email that he’d liked or commented on my blog. I have prayed this before and written about it: “If my blog helps one person during the past 8 years and beyond it will be worth it.” I know my family and friends are encouraged by it, and I’m thankful for the support and love I receive. But when a complete stranger takes time to follow my blog, read all my blog posts, and comment and like them, it just excites me and gives me hope about future posts and hopefully one day a book.

This is one of my favorite comments he left, “I’m enjoying getting to know you better as GOD’s child who is definitely growing in her walk along the way.”

When we stop what we’re doing and take time to send an encouraging text to someone or write a note to someone to just say, “I was thinking about you,” it’s worth it. The time we take to get to know a person may seem tedious and awkward, especially if you’re talking to a person who is non-verbal. But I think that’s where texting or emailing is a blessing. It’s probably not as awkward texting me. For years, I’ve made it a practice to text people that the Lord puts on my mind every day. Texting for me is great tool to communicate with others I care about. Or be creative like my friend, Jeff, was and encourage a blogger. You never know—they might write a blog post about you one day.

Who have you been a blessing to during this quarantine time?

We have had more time than ever to do whatever we want. How are you using it?

During this time, has there been a person who has encouraged you?

7 thoughts on “An Unexpected Blessing From A Complete Stranger

  1. beavoicefororphans says:

    I’m glad I could be an encouragement to you as you have been to me!!… Love the bird painting you did! Yes, I also want to encourage you to keep writing for you have a very special gift in doing so…


  2. stutully says:

    As always , a refreshing, convicting and inspiring word from your precious heart. Thank you dear sister for being actively available to allow the Lord to use you SO uniquely to minister SO deeply to SO many. Blessed to be the Grandfather of TWO precious non-verbal granddaughters , your life, witness and ministry is an immeasurable blessing , joy and inspiration to our family. We thank God for you exceedingly dear Abigail! Hugs from our family to you and yours from our family! Stu Tully 

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  3. Suzie Ohsfeldt says:

    What a blessing!! You are reaping what you have sown. You have been a blessing to me (and countless others) for so many years and this friend has been a blessing to you. I love it! Thanks for sharing!! ❤️😘❤️

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  4. ebolticoff says:

    I love your mission to encourage others! It’s a mission I share also, and it’s amazing how the Word proves itself over and over again. It is more blessed to give than to receive. I am thankful for the way that you serve our Savior!

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  5. Kim Ivey says:

    It’s wonderful to see a new post from you, Abigail! And what a wonderful reminder. In all my busyness, I sometimes forget to reach out to do the unexpected for another – even if it’s just a quick text message hello – how are you? Be blessed and stay safe in Him!

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