A Glimpse Into My Prison of Peace and Praise

Life is hard. Unfair. Discouraging. Uncertain. We all can agree and relate with these words I just listed.

Recently, I have been thinking about anthems in general but also anthems in my own life. We all know the National Anthem, and it reminds us of those who have died for our freedom to live in America.

But yesterday, I heard one of the old anthems I listened to constantly during 2011 after I had surgery on my legs. As I listen to “I’ll Walk On” even now, I get emotional and I’m just reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness I’m my life leading up to 2020.

As I look back to when I was a tween and teen, I remember my anthem back then was the song, “All Along.” I remember listening to that song on repeat on my turquoise iPod Nano. 😂😂

I can also point to several verses in the Bible that have changed the trajectory and perspective in my life—verses like John 9:1-3 and 2 Corinthians 4 :17; 12:9-10. These are verses I have written down and known by heart since I was a kid in Sunday school. I didn’t quite understand all the verses I memorized when I was a kid or tween. It wasn’t until I went through some trials and frustrations in life that I learned I could only talk to the Lord about them. My parents could comfort me only so much and listen to me wail about never getting to drive and not having friends. Like I mentioned last year in September, there was a point in my life where I wanted to end my life.

Yes, I believe spiritual warfare is real. But I have learned that my dungeon of despair can turn into a prison of peace and praise because God is with me in every circumstance. God can take away your suicidal thoughts, help you get out of depression—you name it, HE can get you through it. It may take months or even years. But this I know is true: the Lord will be there every step of the way.

Now, things are different as I look back on what the Lord has allowed me to share with you these past 8 years on my blog and the art I’ve have shared with several people. Several of my cards and paintings have gone to places I would have never dreamed. I have been able to stand in front of people at ladies retreats and camps and share my testimony and say, “Look what HE can do.” About a month ago, I was on a podcast called Here’s The Thing. I’ve always dreamed about being on a podcast after I finished writing my book years from now, but I believe the Lord saw me struggling with different aspects of my life and allowed this awesome opportunity in my life to give me hope about my future. And He also knew how much of a encouragement it would be to a teen in New Zealand! Yes, you read that right—New Zealand. This is what the comment on my TikTok account said: “I really enjoyed listening to this. I just wish it was longer.” If you had told me when I was struggling with suicidal thoughts that I was going to do all the things I’ve just listed, I probably would have said, “How in the world is that going to happen?”

Learning to live the good/hard life.

I love how Katherine Wolf phrases it in her book, Suffer Strong: “God made you to do the hard thing in the good story He’s writing in your life. Whether tomorrow is the best or worst or last day of our lives, we pray God will give us everything we need to live it out to the fullest with courage and joy.”

What an encouragement that is!

Remember my friend, your dungeon of despair can turn into a prison of peace and praise because God is with you in every circumstance. 

“What is my anthem song right now?” you may ask. Great question! It’s a song called “Shoulders.” Yes, it’s a Christian Contemporary song, but I believe the Lord knows my heart when I sing it to Him. I hope it will be a blessing to you as you listen to it.

What’s your anthem in life?

10 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into My Prison of Peace and Praise

  1. kingvision1717 says:

    Glad your surgery you had for your legs was successful! 2 Corinthians 4:17; 12:9-10 are so good to hold onto and live out as you are doing… I praise GOD our FATHER that HE was faithful to bring you through the valley of the shadow of suicidal thoughts… I’ve been there before too back in 1996. That is so good about your perspective changing from dungeon of despair to prison of peace and praise… GOD is using your experience to make known HIS freedom in Christ… And yes, HE is always with us!!!… JESUS will never leave nor forsake us… So cool you were on a podcast; praise the LORD… Thank you for sharing this encouraging and inspiring message… May GOD continue to bless and keep you in HIS care… Jeff

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  2. Nanci Collier says:

    Loved it as usual Abigail. With all going on in this crazy world I’ve had two songs I’ve been listening to over & over. What Kind of Man by Legacy Five & I’m Just Passing Through. Love you sweet girl.

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  3. Suzie Ohsfeldt says:

    Thank you for this!! What a blessing to review God’s faithfulness through difficult times. That’s what keeps us going. My anthem right now is “Even Me” by Triumphant Quartet. I’m so thankful for its truth!! Love you and appreciate your efforts to encourage us!! It works every time. 🙌🏼☺️❤️

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  4. Donna says:

    It Is Well With My Soul….a song that gets me through much and plays in my mind a lot. your Aunt Suzie gave me a mug with that verse on it after I had talked to your Uncle Kyle about an issue. amazing, eh? No…just God at work. your messages are such blessings and I always look forward to them. Thank you, Abby. oh…great pics..:)

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