Sports, are they more important than God?


The whole world watched as the Miami Heat crushed the Oklahoma City Thunder. I was sad and maybe disappointed, as many thunder fans were.  But what is a trophy useful for anyway? Yes, the Heat  get rewarded by receiving it but in the long run is that trophy going to honor God? No, it won’t because God doesn’t care about sports,  He cares about your soul and if you’re going to live with Him in Heaven or die and spend eternity in Hell with the devil forever. 

Now I love sports!!! I’m a big OSU cowboys football fan and Okc thunder fan!!! I also understand that sports aren’t everything like the world makes  it out to be. We as Christians are here on this earth for one thing and one thing only, to lead others to the Lord. There are people dying everyday going to Hell.  God loves you so much He gave  His only Son to die on a cross for our.  He loves the whole world. 
I asked Jesus to forgive me of all my sins when I was seven years old. Even though I couldn’t pray out loud, I prayed in my heart and that very day I knew I was on my way to Heaven! I hope your know Jesus as your personal Savior too. Thunder Up!!

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