Day by day part 2

As I was telling you I had a surgery on my legs on August 31, 2011. This week  I was looking  back in my journal that I started a few days before I had the surgery and the months after the surgery,. it was eye opening to see how  God was working in my life. I’m going to share some of my journal with you and I hope it’s a blessing to you. 

August 26, 2011-
Oh God, thank you for letting me have this surgery on Tuesday. You are so great!! I know I can do all things through you. Is it wrong that I’m not nervous? I’m just trusting in you God.

August 27, 2011-
It’s funny how life changes in an instant and how God takes us though something we think we can’t go through. But in the end we know we can go through anything with  God by are side. I would love to go speak and give my testimony to help others come to know Jesus as their personal savior.  God you are my strength, my shield, my Rock, my deliverer, you are everything and more in my life. 
As I look back at my past I don’t think I’ve ever been so closer to You than this summer. I feel like my faith in you has grown more. I’m depending on you more too. Last night I read in first Corithians 15 and I love verse 10 which says, But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me. ~ 

October 26, 2011
Oh God almighty, You are a great and awesome God! I’m in awe of your power to use me throughout my life. I shouldn’t be surprised how you answer my prayers. I know you will always have a perfect plan for my life. Bless all the people how prayed and still are praying for me to walk again. I want to glorify you when I’m going through this and after this trial is gone. Use me for Your glory!!

September 8, 2011
Well, tomorrow we leave for Louisiana to get my casts off!! Praise the Lord!! Now it’s on to Physical and Occupational therapy. Yippee! LOL. 
I’m going to let you read one more intry  But I couldn’t do any of the OT or PT by myself   God was my strength in time of weakness   But I also couldn’t do it without my families support especially my mom   She was with me every therapy session. Lastly, I want to thank my church family and all my preacher friends for praying for me. I can’t thank you enough. 

December 8, 2011
I wouldn’t trade this life for anyone else’s. I know I won’t ever talk again and I’m fine with that. Because GOD has my life all planned out. I am very content to listen to people and help them. ~

This song I’m about to share with you has shown me that I am so blessed to have someone praying for me for a major thing or a minor thing. When I first heard this song I wanted to sing to everybody that had and still are praying for me. I’m so thankful God answers ALL of our prayers even if it isn’t the answer we want. 

Praying For Me

V. 1
As I looked far ahead of me
Through this old hollowed room
I heard prayers of healing
Flowing through and through
I could not see the faces
Of the ones I loved so dear
But oh how I felt God sweet spirit
Flowing through my tears

I thank you for praying for me
His hand of mercy
Reached out to me
His healing power
It’s as real as yesterday
I thank you for praying, praying for me

V. 2
When your faith is low and you cannot see
What tomorrow brings
In Christ alone He’s your everything
Through Him we can conquer anything
Even though the faces I couldn’t see
Of the ones who prayed for me
Those prayers reached my Heavenly father
Oh I thank you for praying for me

I thank you for praying for me
His hand of mercy
Reached out to me
His healing power
It’s as real as yesterday
I thank you for praying, praying for me 

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