For All He’s Done!

The Lord has allowed me to live in America and grow up in a Christian family. I’m so THANKFUL for all God has done and will do in my life. As I mentioned in my last post, I got saved when I was seven years old. God forgave all my sins even though I deserved to go to Hell forever. I don’t understand why He would love such a sinful person like me. But I’m so thankful He does love me and did die for me.

So as we celebrate our freedom on Thursday, July 4th. Lets remember ALL the blessings God has done and is doing in our great nation and in each one of our lives.

The song For All He’s Done by Rodney Griffin reminds me of all wonderful blessings God has given me. I hope it’s a blessing to you.

2 thoughts on “For All He’s Done!

  1. Sindy says:

    Love that song, Ab! It blesses my heart to see you focusing on the Goodness of our Great God!! He is so Good!!


  2. Gma Davison says:

    It’s good to read ur blogs again more regularly. They r always a blessing because u r a great blessing to ur Gma!!!


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