Everyday, I’m Amazed!

I heard this song years ago at a youth conference. The reason I’m sharing it with you now is because, everyday we should be amazed that a Holy God wants to spend the day with us. When I heard this song at the age of 14 I was humbled, because I knew my relationship with God wasn’t doing well. As I listen to it six years later I’m still in awe, that the one true God wants and desires to spend the day with a sinner like me. To be honest, sometimes I skip reading my Bible and praying. It’s true I’m not perfect. I struggle, as I’m sure everybody does in their spiritual life.
I’m blessed to live in America where I can go to church and read my Bible everyday. Unlike some countries that can’t go to church or they’ll get killed. So how’s your relationship with God doing?

Everyday, I’m Amazed

Verse 1
In God’s heart there is a place
I was made to fill.
I find amazing grace
When I’m found within His will.
He’s reserved a sacred place
Where we can spend the day
And He’s waiting there for me
Inviting me to stay.

And every day
I’m amazed
That God would spend the day with me.
I’m overwhelmed
By His grace
That He would feel such love for me.
To Him I’m worth saving.
My heart is craving
To know Him and His righteousness
And understand His ways.
Every day – in every way –
I’m amazed.

Verse 2
In my heart there’s a place
That only God can fill.
He covers my disgrace
With the blood that Jesus spilled.
He invites me to a place
Where we can spend the day
And He’s waiting there for me
Inviting me to stay.


2 thoughts on “Everyday, I’m Amazed!

  1. Athaliah says:

    Hi!like you,been struggling in spiritual aspect.
    I thank the Lord for He’s been faithful in my life.This song is special for me since everytime I’m in my deepest,I always listen to this and I am very comforted. Thank you for sharing..

    Liked by 1 person

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