Blessings From Joni and Friends

There are so many ways that Joni and friends has impacted my life.

I have listened to many of Joni and Friend’s radio shows and listened to several of Joni’s audio books. What an inspiration and hero Joni has been in my life.

As an artist I’m amazed how she paints such beautiful paintings with her mouth. She has inspired me to paint more and use my painting to be a blessing to others.  

Also Joni’s documentary videos online have been a blessing to me.  Sometimes I can get discouraged and think that I’m the only person with a disability of not being able to talk, along with my mobility struggles, so I like to go get on Joni and friends and watch how Joni would meet with other people that have disabilities that I haven’t gone through. Watching those documentaries have helped and encouraged me to start my own blog to be a blessing to others.

Joni has also helped me see that I would rather be disabled and know God than to not be disabled and not know Him.

I finally have to mention Joni’s husband, Ken, and his amazing love for her.  I recommend that you read their book called, “Joni and Ken an Untold Love Story”
Here’s a link to her website

2 thoughts on “Blessings From Joni and Friends

  1. Rachel Lundy says:

    Hello! I found your blog through the Joni and Friends 35th Anniversary pinterest board. Joni has been a wonderful teacher to me through the years. I have learned so much from her through her books and the Joni and Friends website. I’m glad that she has been a godly example and teacher for you too!

    You have a beautiful blog. Keep writing, sharing your story, and serving the Lord! He is glorified through your life lived in faithful submission to His sovereign and good plan. Blessings and joy to you today!


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