When Faith Steps In

I heard this song called, When Faith Steps In last year at a college conference. I was reminded of it again when I found out a very special and precious friend passed away last Friday night. Her name was Abigail Thompson and she was 21 years old. Abigail was handicapped. She had a mind of a one year old. She had seizures all her lIfe. From what I hear she had a beautiful smile.

Although I never had met Abigail, I felt like I met her because I met her mom at camp a few years ago now We’ve kept in touch over the years. She told me about Abigail when we met. When we would text I would ask how Abigail was doing.

My heart broke for the Thompson family when I saw on Facebook that she passed away. But we know Abigail is in Heaven. I can picture Abigail pain free and talking with Jesus

Hope this song is a blessing to you

Verse 1
When you call on one who you cannot see
And you give him your heart for all of eternity
That’s when….. faith begins

When you turn away from all of your sin
And you trust in the Lord to cleanse you within
That’s when….. faith begins

In childlike trust you hold out your hand
Simply believing salvations plan
When you feel you can’t go on another day
Yet still somehow you kneel down and pray
That’s when….faith steps in
Verse 2
When all seems lost there is no hope in sight
But still you sing all through the night
That’s when….faith steps in

Faith brings joy and peace in the midst of the storm
It sends out a lifeline when you are tossed and worn
When you say goodbye to your dearest friend
And through tear filled eyes you say I will see them again
That’s when….faith steps in
Verse 3
When you take your last breath in this world down here
And you close your eyes without any fear
That’s when….faith steps in

Faith will carry you where feet have never trod
Safely to heaven into the arms of God
Verse 4
When you open your eyes to that heavenly scene
And you realize it isn’t a dream
That’s when….Faith will end
When you gaze on him face to face
And you rest in his sweet embrace
That’s when….Faith will end
That’s when….Faith will end


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