A Treasured Christmas Memory 

One of my fondest Christmas memories of growing up was performing in my junior high Christmas program. I attended Sunnybrook Christian School from sixth and seventh grades. I had so many friends throughout those years at that school. 

But in seventh grade I was put in music class for some odd reason. I mean, I knew how to read music and everything and I even play the piano by ear (with one finger, I might add.) Besides that, we had to perform at the Christmas program at the end of the year. 

The music class that year consisted of one ninth grader, two eighth graders, and one short seventh grader—me!

In October, the teacher assigned us to learn the signs to the song, “Mary Did You Know?” Students who could sing would also have to sing and sign the song. 

I was ecstatic! I’ve only been a part of a handful of Christmas programs where I could actually participate. I learned those signs inside and out, plus I picked out the melody on the piano. I learned to sign the song like I was singing it with passion. I remember practicing in my room for hours. I wish I could share with you the home video of the program. I was so tight because I was nervous, yet still smiling the whole time while I passionately signed the song. 

It’s a memory I’ll never forget. I still remember those signs to that song to this very day. Every time Christmas comes and I hear that song, I’ll always remember that blessed old memory. 

2 thoughts on “A Treasured Christmas Memory 

  1. Rachel Lundy says:

    Oh cool! I’m so glad you were able to participate by signing. I love watching sign language. I took ASL in college for a couple of years, but since then I’ve never had anyone to talk to in ASL, so I’ve lost most of it.

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