“Declare Conference” Jitters

Hello, everybody, I’m sorry I haven’t written in a long time. I have been focused on several things in my life.

As some of you know, I want to write a book about my life someday. Well, my mom and I are attending a Christian writing conference next week, where I hope to learn more about writing and publishing. At the beginning of this year, I had joined a Facebook group called Declare. When I heard that they sponsored a conference, I immediately wanted to go, because it sounded like I’d learn more about writing and meet other writers. The conference is called “Declare” and the theme this year is “Warrior.”

In June, the Declare Facebook group posted a devotional challenge. We had to write about what the theme of the conference (Warrior) means to us in 500 words or less. To make a long story short, I submitted my devotional and thought I wouldn’t be chosen to be in the conference devotional book. Last month, I found out that my devotional was chosen, along with ten others! I was so shocked, excited, and humbled. In fact, I screamed excitedly when I saw the Facebook group announcement!

The first week of September I got an email from Declare about setting an appointment with a publishing consultant to talk about a book proposal or book idea. My purpose for going to this conference was to learn more about writing and meet other like-minded writers. But, if I could meet with a publishing consultant who would help me make my book idea better, then I believed I should take that opportunity. So, I have a 15-minute appointment with a publishing consultant. No pressure, right? That’s a understatement! I put so much pressure on myself that I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could make my pitch better. I was touchy about everything and very emotional. Plus, my left hand was tight from typing so much that I couldn’t even take my medicine. My mom and I are friends. She talked to me as a friend and basically said, “You need to stop putting pressure on yourself. We are proud you’re preparing, but it’s not going to be perfect.”

As a writer, I have always been insecure about my writing. I’m afraid it won’t make sense when people read my blog. Many writers are insecure about their writing, so I’m not alone. In fact, many women who aren’t writers are insecure about something. We need to stop believing the lies that we aren’t enough. It’s true we can’t do everything and be everything others want us to be. When I was so focused on my writing I got it in my mind that I can do this and I’ll prove that I’m a great writer. As I was reading through some of my old blog posts in 2016, I wrote about how in Christ I am enough. I had lost sight on why I write my blog and why I want to write a book. I realized I needed to reset my focus. I want to write because I want to encourage others and glorify God in the process. I know that may sound like an obvious answer, but it should be everyone’s goal in life to encourage or edify one another and give God the glory He deserves.

What area in your life do you need to reset your focus?

8 thoughts on ““Declare Conference” Jitters

  1. Rachel Lundy says:

    That’s so exciting that your devotion was chosen to be in the Declare Conference devotion book! Congratulations!

    I hope that you have a good time at the Declare Conference, that you learn a lot, and that your appointment with the publishing consultant goes well.

    You are a good writer, and you have much to teach us all. Keep writing for His glory! God is using you to encourage others and declare His worth.

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  2. Suzie Ohsfeldt says:

    Yesterday I thought, “I need a good challenge from Abbey.” Thank you so much for your blog today. I lose my focus in many areas and it is so unintentional. Before I know it, my expectations and the expectations of others are my main concern, when what pleases the Lord should be my only desire. Thank you for reminding me again in a gentle way.😍

    I’m excited that your devotional was chosen. It’s like the Lord was giving you some confirmation there. 😊 I’m still praying for you in this process. I know the Lord has a plan and I’m looking forward to seeing it unfold.
    Love you so much!!!❤️

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  3. Susan says:


    It was such a pleasure to meet you and your mom at Declare this weekend. Thank you for the beautiful notecards!

    I hope that the Declare Conference helps you in developing your writing skills, and gives you the opportunity of getting that book published! I’ll be rooting for you!

    If you need any help at all with your website, I would love to offer my services to you!


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  4. beavoicefororphans says:

    Congrats on getting your devotion chosen!! I think you’re a wonderful writer and you’re able to be honest, transparent, and glorifying to GOD…

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