Trust Him

Heard this song called, Trust Him last Sunday night at church. It was really encouraging to me. I love the second verse. Hope it’s a blessing to you.

“Trust Him”

Verse 1 Trust Him, when your soul is burdened with the weight of all its sin.
He will speak the words of pardon; He will make you clean within.
Trust Him when dark doubts assail you. Trust Him when your strength is small. Trust Him when to simply trust Him seems the hardest thing of all. Trust in God.
Verse 2 Trust Him for the grace sufficient ever equal to your need.
Trust Him always for the answer, when in Jesus’ name you plead. Trust Him when your cares are many, trust Him when your friends are few. And the time of much temptation is the time to trust Him too. Trust in God.
Verse 3 Trust Him. He is ever faithful. Trust Him, for His will is best. Trust Him, for the heart of Jesus is the only place of rest. Trust Him through the cloud or sunshine. All your aces upon Him cast, till the storm of life is over, and the trusting days are past. Put your trust in God. Trust in God.

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